Do You Need To Test Your Well Water Quality?

  1. Water Testing

If you have a private well in Connecticut, you probably know how important regular well water testing is to make sure you and your family are drinking safe water. With accurate water testing results, you can gain invaluable insights into your water supply, so you can take the appropriate steps to remove any existing problems and prevent any future water contamination.

But sometimes, your regular testing isn’t enough to make sure your water is safe. When you notice certain things around your home, or there are specific circumstances occurring outside your home, then additional in-depth water testing in CT is necessary.

Situations That Warrant Additional Well Water Quality Testing in CT

If any of the following activities or circumstances occur, then you will want to get additional well water testing in Connecticut:

  • Someone in the Home Has Recurring Gastrointestinal Illness – This could be a sign of coliform bacteria in your water.
  • You Have a New Baby – You will want to check for nitrates in the groundwater. Too many nitrates impact how oxygen is carried throughout the body, and they can be especially dangerous for babies less than six months old.
  • You Notice an Odd Taste or Odor From Your Water – Your well water should be tested for sulfates, metals, corrosion, and manganese. None of these are good for you, but the sulfates can have a laxative effect and/or cause stomach irritation.
  • There Is Corrosion on the Water Pipes – You will want to make sure the pH level of your well water is where it should be and that there is not a high lead supply in the water.
  • There Is a Gas Drilling Operation in the Area – Your water will need an additional check to make sure some of the impurities from the process, such as barium, strontium, sodium, and chloride, didn’t get into your water.
  • There Are Areas of Intensive Agriculture Nearby – This could result in pesticides, nitrates, or coliform bacteria in your well water.

Why Use a Professional Well Water Testing Company?

It is important that you get your well water tested at least once per year. The water quality is constantly changing, and even if you don’t see any changes in the appearance or taste of the water, its quality could be in question. Most of the bacteria, viruses, contaminants, and parasites that get into the well water are not visible to the naked eye, so the only way to know if they are present is to test the water.

At Greco & Haines, we are experts at well water testing in Connecticut. We know what to test for and we can get you quick results so that your mind can be put at ease. If we do locate something concerning in your water, we will work with you to develop an effective water treatment plan that will keep your water safe for you and your family.

Our well water services test for all of the aforementioned contaminants, and many more, and we can track how your water changes over time, so you never have to question the purity of the water. If you are concerned about your well water, or you have noticed any of the above situations, contact us immediately. We will perform in-depth water testing, so you can keep your family healthy.