Greco & Haines: Trusted Well Water Specialist in Southbury, CT – Serving All of CT

If you’re looking for the best well water service in Southbury, CT, you’ve found it in Greco & Haines. For more than 50 years, we’ve provided customers across Connecticut with a comprehensive suite of well system services: from installation and repair to water testing and filtration. From day a week water pump repairs to game-changing improvements via constant water pressure systems, we have you covered for both the expected (installs, maintenance) and the unexpected (that pump meltdown in the middle of a holiday weekend).

Well System Installations & Improvements in Southbury, CT

Whether you’re hoping to add well water to a new home or you’re looking to replace an old or failing system, let the team at Greco & Haines do the job right the first time as your first-rate well water company in Southbury, CT! We’ll evaluate the site to help you determine what kind of well and pump setup would work best for your situation. If it’s an existing well, we’ll let you know the best way to upgrade it for better performance and reliability. Our well pumps, tanks, filters, and other equipment are top-of-the-line, and our decades of experience allows us to assess a given site or extant system and choose the perfect well water pump installation or upgrade. If you’ve been frustrated by the erratic performance of a traditional jet pump, you might consider a submersible well pump from Greco & Haines. Unlike jet pumps, submersible pumps don’t need priming. We can also replace your outmoded water tank—old ones are prone to waterlogging—with a newer diaphragm-style tank that operates more efficiently and wards against premature wear on your pump.

We also offer manual well pump backups for those situations when your electric pump can’t (or simply won’t) operate. Having a hand pump for your well in Southbury, CT is a definite must, as it’ll give you the ability to deal with such interruptions or to temporarily handle a breakdown.

Well Water Pump Repair in Southbury, CT

Wondering how to replace a well pump that’s malfunctioning or just plain kaput? Let Greco & Haines take care of the problem for you. Whether it’s a jet pump or a submersible pump, we have the know-how and resources to get it up and running again—or replace it with a newer, more reliable model. Well pump problems are short-lived when Greco & Haines is on the case! Of course, we can also handle problems in any other component of your well system—from a defective well cover to a leaking tank. We’re there for you even outside of normal business hours, which after all aren’t always when your well system decides to go haywire. Greco & Haines nighttime, holiday, and weekend well water service makes for major peace of mind. Whenever you’re facing a problem with your well water setup—whether minor or major—you know you can always count on us to be there speedily. Get in touch with Greco & Haines for 7-day-a-week, 365-days-a-year well service in Southbury, CT—and everywhere else in the Constitution State!

Well System Assessments, Maintenance, and Water Quality Testing in Southbury, CT

The secret to a long-lasting, peak-operating well system is regular checkups and maintenance—not so different from the old human body, as a matter of fact! Here at Greco & Haines, we offer free evaluations of your well setup and free estimates for any work we recommend being done. Along with performing basic system functionality and well yield tests, we’re also happy to evaluate your water supply. We can test for bacteria, radon, potability, and more, and provide free analyses of mineral content.

Constant Pressure & Water Filter Systems Installation in Southbury, CT

The extensive lineup of water filtration systems and softeners we offer here at Greco & Haines can help remedy a whole host of issues with your water supply. Perhaps your well water has a bad taste or a strange scent; maybe you’re noticing stained pipes or fixtures. From sediment in well water to bacterial contamination, from a lack of suds in a soapy tub to corroding plumbing, we’ve got the solution! Our ultraviolet, reverse osmosis, activated carbon, and other filters are top-quality (like everything else we sell and install here at Greco & Haines). If you’re contending with low water pressure in the house, you might consider a state-of-the-art constant pressure system from Greco & Haines. This employs a special kind of submersible pump driven by a controller to ensure your water pressure keeps up with household demand.

Whether it’s the installation of a brand-new well water pump and filtration system, a repair or upgrade to an existing one, or a basic test of home water quality and well yield, Greco & Haines delivers across-the-board service every day of the year to our valued Connecticut customers. Get in touch with the team here via our online contact form or by ringing us toll-free from any CT area code at 1-800-922-2958. We can’t wait to hear from you and provide our trademark Greco & Haines well system service, whatever kind you need!