Cheshire, CT, Well Water Repair and Installation

Whether you’re searching for a new well water pump installation or water quality testing in Cheshire, look no further than Greco & Haines! We’ve been drilling, repairing, and looking after well water systems all across the state of Connecticut since 1963. We’re proud to serve customers in Cheshire and the rest of New Haven County with our premier team.

Our well system services include:

  • New well installations
  • Well system inspections & maintenance
  • Well repairs & upgrades
  • Full-home water filtration systems
  • Constant water pressure systems
  • Well water quality testing

The best part of our comprehensive Cheshire, CT well system service team? They’re a resource for you seven days a week and 365 days a year. You can reach the Greco & Haines team at 203-735-9308, 203-777-2256, or (toll-free from any Connecticut area code) 1-800-922-2958, or by reaching out on our website through the online contact form.

Now, let’s dig into our Cheshire, CT, well system services in more detail.

Well Installation & Well Water Pump Repair in Cheshire, CT

If you’re looking to add a well to your new Cheshire property, the Greco & Haines team has you covered. Our technicians will evaluate your site, energy supply, household needs, and other fundamental logistics to help you select the optimal well and depth. We can tackle any necessary repair work if you have an existing well – from wellheads and linings to pumps, tanks, and pressure switches.

We also assist with cost-saving well system upgrades: replacing old or failing components for newer, more efficient models. Our team is the experts in swapping out an old-fashioned tank without air/water separation for a modern diaphragm-style model. If you want to get rid of a  noisy, high-maintenance jet pump for a quiet submersible pump, we can do that too. If you’ve been left high and dry by power outages, how about we provide you with a manual well pump as a backup for emergencies?

Full-Home Water Filter Installation & Constant Water Pressure Systems for Cheshire, CT, Well Owners

The right water filtration system can solve many everyday annoyances with private well systems, including sediment in well water, cloudy ice cubes, bathtub rings, stained clothing, and off-smelling or off-tasting water. Our full-home water filter and softener setups will do just that. Our reverse-osmosis, charcoal-activated, and ultraviolet filters use the highest-quality technology to target the specific issues you’re facing, from hard, iron-rich water to bacterial contamination.

If you’re hoping to fix low water pressure in your house, consider one of our state-of-the-art constant water pressure systems, which utilize a controller-regulated submersible pump to provide on-demand, “city-like” flow even with simultaneous users.

Well Water System Checkups & Water Quality Testing in Cheshire, CT

Regular inspections and maintenance are vital to keeping your well system up and running at peak performance for as long as possible. It’s essential for you, the well owner, to pay close attention to your well and its operation. You should always be looking for signs of malfunction or decreasing output. In addition, at least once a year, you should have a professional assess the well system to make sure everything’s working properly and to conduct routine checkup. These inspections can help you avoid major breakdowns and costly repairs. 

It is also strongly recommended that you have your well water quality professionally tested annually. If you’ve had recent landscaping work done, there’s been flooding in your vicinity, or your household includes a pregnant mother or newborn, then you should look into getting your water tested sooner. Greco & Haines can provide water-quality tests, yielding basic chemical and mineral profiles and screenings for potentially harmful contaminants.

Seven-Day-a-Week, 365-Day-a-Year Well Service From Greco & Haines

Your schedule is busy and constantly changing, so the last thing you need is to wait days for well water assistance. You may need service on a Saturday, Sunday, or even a holiday. Greco & Haines hears you, so we’re there for you any day of the year! There’s more good news, too: We charge the very same rates for holiday or weekend well water service as we do for regular business days. Whether a property evaluation for a new well, an emergency well pump repair, or an inspection, we’ve got you covered at a price you deserve.

Greco & Haines: Your Trusty Well Water Company in Cheshire, CT, Since 1963

At Greco & Haines, we’ve provided well owners all across the state of Connecticut with the finest service for more than a half-century. Our expert technicians, speedy fleet, and premier equipment translate to peace of mind for our customers!Get in touch with our team for a free evaluation or any other needs regarding a Cheshire, CT, well system. Greco & Haines offers service 365 days a year—with no extra charge for weekends and holidays! For more information about our well water services in CT, contact us today via our online contact form or call any time! 203-735-9308 or 203-777-2256 or Call Toll-Free from any CT Area Code 1-800-922-2958.