Expert Well Water Services in Ansonia, CT

Experiencing well pump problems? Need a new well installed or an existing one serviced? Concerned about the water quality from your domestic well or frustrated by hard water or stained plumbing fixtures? For all of this and more, look no further than Greco & Haines, your friendly and reliable well water company in Ansonia, CT. For almost 60 years, we’ve prided ourselves on delivering the finest across-the-board services to well owners all around Connecticut, including:

  • New well installations
  • Well repairs and upgrades
  • Well system inspections
  • Full-home water filtration systems
  • Constant water pressure systems
  • Water quality testing

We’d be happy to tackle any issue you might be having with an existing well system or let you know more about installing the perfect new system on your property.

Well Installation, Repair, & Replacement

Reach out to the team at Greco & Haines for a free evaluation of your well system needs. Maybe you’re looking to add a well to your Ansonia, CT lot or acreage, in which case we’ll have a trusted well drilling contractor assess the local geology, topographic layout, energy supply, and your household water needs to suggest the best design and location.

From a cracked casing and compromised wellhead to a wearing-down well pump and corroded piping, we can jump in and fix all well water pump repairs required. We can also suggest well water system upgrades, such as retiring that inefficient old jet pump of yours in favor of a reliable, quiet, long-serving, and super-cost-effective submersible unit.

Our experienced eye can often help our customers replace well system components dragging down overall performance, thus saving them the financial punch of a complete overhaul. We can also provide you with an easy-to-use manual well pump that’ll save the day during a power outage.

Full Home Water Filtration & Constant Water Pressure Systems

From hard and acidic water to high bacterial levels, the proper full-home water filtration system can solve all kinds of underlying issues in your well water supply. Problems may result in stained fixtures and clothing, wash water that stubbornly resists sudsing up, or well water that has a bad taste. Water filter installation from Greco & Haines, whether it’s reverse osmosis, activated carbon, UV filters, or some combination thereof, can be an all-out game-changer when it comes to the satisfaction of your drinking water.

If you’re also frustrated with the flow coming out of your taps, we can revolutionize things with one of our state-of-the-art constant water pressure systems. A revamp such as this translates to “city-like” water pressure from a domestic well source thanks to a controller-regulated submersible pump.

Water System Checkups & Water Quality Testing

At least once a year, and potentially more often if you’re noticing issues with your well water supply, you should have your Ansonia, CT well system evaluated by a professional. That kind of assessment can make sure that everything’s working as it should, and you’re getting as high-quality a water supply as possible. That also means the potential of keying into little problems that can be fixed a lot more easily than the significant issues they could grow into if unnoticed.

We also offer a wide range of water quality tests that can provide a picture of your well water’s mineral, chemical, and microbial makeup and zero in on potential contaminants. This is another one of those assessments that you should pursue at least once a year, and more often if you’re noticing changes to your water supply or are living with someone who is pregnant or health-compromised.

Well Water Service From Greco & Haines: Seven Days a Week, 365 Days a Year

Here at Greco & Haines, we’re proud to offer our comprehensive well system services every day of the week and each day of the year. Our seven days a week, 365 days a year services are as high-value as they come. We don’t charge anything extra for holiday or weekend well water service. Why? We’re not here to gouge your pocketbook; we’re here to supply the very same rock-solid, professional well services that we’ve staked out a reputation on since 1963.

Get in Touch With Greco & Haines for Quality Well Water

From brand-new installations to well water pump repair in Ansonia, CT, look no further than Greco & Haines! We’d love to learn about your well system needs and explain what we can offer. For more information about our well water services in CT, contact us today via our online contact form or call any time! 203-735-9308 or 203-777-2256 or Call Toll Free from any CT Area Code 1-800-922-2958.

We can’t wait to serve you, as we’ve served customers across Connecticut for more than 50 years!