Greco & Haines: Connecticut’s Most Trusted Well Water Contractor in Newtown, CT

Whether you need a new well system installed, an existing one upgraded or repaired, or your water supply tested or filtered, turn to the most trusted well water company in Newtown, CT: Greco & Haines! We’ve been taking care of well water setups all across the Constitution State since 1963, and we’re going stronger than ever. Seek us out for services such as:

  • Well, Pump, & Water Filtration System Installations
  • Well System Upgrades
  • Water Testing
  • Prompt 7-Days-a-Week, 365-Days-a-Year Well Service

Well Water System Installations & Improvements in Newtown, CT

When you need a new well system engineered and installed in Newtown, CT—for a new home, perhaps, or as an add-on to an existing one—we’re here to do an expert and efficient job of it. We can advise on the best kind of system for a particular site, including the type of well pump that will deliver the best and most reliable service. If you’re hoping to boost the performance or extend the lifespan of your well system, Greco & Haines can help with that as well with a systematic upgrade! Whether you’ve got a drilled, dug, or driven well, we’ll assess the situation and recommend the improvements and/or overhauls that will maximize efficiency and operations—all while being cost-effective for you. A submersible well pump, for example—which pushes water up into pipes—can often really outshine the traditional jet pump, which uses suction force to draw up water. We supply both conventional submersible pumps and constant pressure submersible pumps, and our team will happily explain the features and benefits of both.

We also offer hand pumps for wells in Newtown, CT: essential technology for contingencies! Manual well pump backups are something every well owner should have on hand in case an electric pump fails, and here at Greco & Haines we inventory top-quality versions.

Well Water Pump & System Repair in Newtown, CT

We’re proud to offer the very best well water service in Newtown, CT, and that includes repair work on systems performing below optimum level or completely broken-down ones. Perhaps you’re experiencing low water pressure in the house, sediment in well water, or no water at all. No matter what issue you’re facing, give Greco & Haines a call for timely and lasting repairs. That includes after-hours, holiday, and weekend well water service without overcharges. Our repair work—accomplished by a ready-for-anything fleet of a dozen service trucks, a trio of boom/winch trucks, and a rack truck—is truly around-the-clock, each and every day of the week and the year.

Let Greco & Haines come to the rescue for well pump problems, a broken well cover, no water pressure from your well, or absolutely any other situation.

Well Water System Evaluation & Water Quality Testing in Newtown, CT

If you’d like us to assess your existing well water system in Newtown, CT, we’re happy to do it at no charge—and to provide a free estimate for any maintenance, repair, or upgrade work we recommend. From focused tests on well yield and functionality to a periodic, across-the-board checkup, we’ll make sure everything’s running as smoothly and securely it should in your well system. Our evaluations also include screenings of your water supply, including tests for bacteria, potability, and radon, and a free analysis of mineral content.

Water Filter Systems Installation in Newtown, CT

Here at Greco & Haines, we can also mitigate common issues with household water supplies, from stained fixtures and plumbing to discolored, off-smelling, or off-tasting water. Drawing from our wide assortment of water filters and softeners, we can deliver top-grade water filter systems installation in Newtown, CT to tackle everything from hard water to microbial contamination. Activated carbon filters, ultraviolent filters, reverse osmosis systems, acid neutralizers, and more. Allow Greco & Haines to remedy your water headaches with the perfect well water pump and filtration system!

Whether you’re seeking to supply a newly built home with a safe, steady, and great-tasting water supply, frustrated with chronic cloudy water in the home, or dealing with a middle-of-the-night leak or some other catastrophe, reach out to Greco & Haines for 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year well service in Newtown, CT! We’re here for you whenever you need us for the very best in full domestic well system installation, evaluations, and repairs as well as water testing and filtration services. You’ll receive expert assistance from a company informed by more than a half-century of experience and operating with one of the very best well-water teams in the country. Get in touch with us via our online comment form here at the Greco & Haines website, or give us a ring toll-free from any Connecticut area code at 1-800-922-2958: We look forward to hearing from you—and to providing you the finest in well water service!