Greco & Haines: A Leader in Well Water Services in Guilford, CT

Whether you need your well system diagnosed, repaired, or replaced in Guilford, CT, look no further than Greco & Haines. We’ve been serving well owners across Connecticut since 1963, and our almost 60 decades of experience and well-equipped fleet allow us to provide unparalleled service, no matter the size or scope of the job.

We offer a variety of comprehensive well services, including:

  • Well installation, repair, and replacement.
  • Water filtration and constant water pressure systems.
  • Water quality testing.
  • Well system inspections and maintenance.

In addition to our wide-ranging menu of services, you’ll also enjoy access to our experienced technicians seven days a week and 365 days a year!

Well Water System Installation, Repair, and Replacement in Guilford, CT

If you’re building a new home in the Guilford area or would like to replace your old well, turn to Greco & Haines for assistance. Our team can help you choose the perfect type of well based on your property’s geography, geology, and layout, as well as your household needs and energy supply. Then, we’ll deliver expert installation to ensure your new system is up and running in no time!

Greco & Haines can also help you transform an outdated, inefficient, or failing well system through a complete overhaul or by executing strategic upgrades. For example, we can replace an old, unreliable jet pump with a more efficient submersible pump or swap an old-fashioned water tank with a more reliable diaphragm-style model. Even minor repairs and upgrades can ensure your system delivers years more service – without the need for a complete system replacement.

In addition to well system installation and replacements, we’re also your go-to team for well water pump repair in Guilford, CT. Whether your pump is cycling on too frequently or isn’t turning on at all, we can deliver prompt, precise fixes that tackle issues of all sizes. Greco & Haines can also provide Guilford, CT well owners with manual hand pumps that can be used during power outages.

Full-Home Water Filtration and Constant Pressure System Installation in Guilford, CT

Improve the quality of your drinking water and find a solution to everything from bathtub rings to stained clothing with a full-home water filtration system from Greco & Haines. Our team can install a variety of filters to mitigate any water issue, including:

  • Multimedia water filters with activated carbon and water softeners.
  • Ultraviolet filters that remove 99.9 percent of microbes.
  • Reverse osmosis filters that remedy cloudy water.

In addition to issues with the taste or quality of your water, you may also be struggling with inadequate water pressure throughout your home. Luckily, Greco & Haines provides an effective solution – a constant pressure system. These cutting-edge machines employ a controller that regulates the motor speed of your submersible well pump based on moment-by-moment demand. This provides a number of benefits, including “city-like” water pressure any time you need it.

Guilford, CT Water Testing Services and Water System Checkups

The easiest way to ward off disruptive problems in your well system is through frequent inspections and basic maintenance. While you can (and should) inspect your well yourself on a consistent basis, it’s important to schedule a professional assessment at least once per year to ensure things are running smoothly. Of course, if you notice any issues with your system between inspections (such as sediment in your well water, no water pressure from the well, or signs of a leak), get in touch with us as soon as possible, so we can remedy the situation.

Greco & Haines also offers water quality testing in Guilford, CT, and can assess everything from mineral content to the presence of microbes, heavy metals, chemicals, and more. We recommend having your water tested at least once per year, as well as any time you notice a change in the appearance, taste, or odor of your water. Additionally, you should schedule a test after completing any major work on your property, or if there is a potential contamination source in your vicinity.

Seven Days a Week, 365 Days a Year Well Service in Guilford, CT

From expert well water pump installation to addressing specific problems like well water that has a bad taste, Greco & Haines is here to provide valuable, effective services. The best part? We’re available seven days a week and 365 days a year! You also won’t have to worry about extra charges for holiday or weekend well water service. At Greco & Haines, we’re here to supply our customers with the highest quality well water service possible at the best rates, no matter what day it is.

Contact Greco & Haines for Prompt and Reliable Well Water Service in Guilford, CT

Whether you need to install a new filtration system at your home, test your drinking water, or fix a malfunctioning pressure switch, Greco & Haines can help. For more information about our well water services in Guilford, CT and nearby, contact us via our online contact form or by phone at (203) 735-9308, (203) 777-2256, or from any CT area code at 1(800) 922-2958. We look forward to hearing from you!