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Greco & Haines Well Water Products and Solutions

Greco & Haines understands the water in your home should be the highest quality and safe. Connecticut’s geographical areas vary in water quality. We can test your well water and evaluate the most efficient method of achieving the best results. Most well water problems, both bacterial and mineral, can be easily solved. We install and service several products designed to provide your family with healthy drinking water. As our customer, you will enjoy the convenience and quality of our services.

Softener_300x130 Hard Water
  • Soap curd, bathtub ring
  • Lack of suds
  • Increases cost to heat water

Iron & Sulphur Content

  • Yellow or rusty stains on fixtures
  • Yellowing or rusty stains on clothing
  • Poor water taste

ACID Water

  • Water Odor
  • Rusty or blue/green stains on plumbing
  • Corrosion of iron and copper plumbing
MULTI MEDIA WATER FILTERS General Method: Well water passes through a filtering process designed specifically for your well water needs.Our filtering systems are fully automatic, dependable, and built with superior construction and non-rusting materials. Types of Filters: Water Softener, Acid Neutralizer, Activated Carbon
Learn More: Greco & Haines Learning Center – Hard Water
Product_UVfilter_260x170 BACTERIA IN WATER
  • Microscopic organisms common in well water
  • Usually undetected in sight, smell or taste
  • Causes a number of illnesses
ULTRAVIOLET FILTER General Method: Well water passes through an ultraviolet light eliminating 99.9% of harmful organisms. These filters also come with several monitoring options and accessories. Learn More: Greco & Haines Learning Center – Bacteria
Product_ROfilter_260x170 CLOUDY ICE CUBES
  • Slightly cloudy water
  • Poor taste to water
REVERSE OSMOSIS FILTER General Method: This convenient small filtering system provides you with sparkling clear drinking water, ready right at your tap. Get better tasting water, crystal clear ice cubes, and reduce the cost of bottled water! Learn More: Greco & Haines Learning Center – RO Filter
Product_ConstantP_260x170 LOW WATER PRESSURE
  • Inefficient water volume
  • Poor water pressure for shower, tub, hose
CONSTANT PRESSURE SYSTEM General Method: Installation of a submersible pump, which is designed to work with a controller to regulate the speed of the motor as water demands vary in your home. Learn More: Greco & Haines Learning Center – Low Water Pressure
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