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Constant Pressure System

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The Constant Water Pressure System Solution!

A private water well is one of your home’s true assets, but it may not be the best source for water pressure. You may be noticing the washing machine is taking longer to fill when the dishwasher is running, or the shower starts sputtering when the lawn sprinkler is on. Most water pressure problems can be easily solved with our CONSTANT WATER PRESSURE system.

Constant water pressure means you get the water pressure when you need it.  Regardless of the “yield of your well” (# gallons produced per 1 minute), you can have the results of “city-like” water pressure.  Our CONSTANT WATER PRESSURE system works with your varying water demands.  As your consumption increases, pump performance automatically adjusts to meet your needs.  Water pressure is maintained even if your family is showering, washing the car and watering the lawn all at the same time!

A typical water pump turns on and off when the PSI (pressure per square inch) fluctuates by 20 pounds. With a busy family, there are times when the demand fluctuates dramatically in a short time.   A Constant Pressure System is the newest in technology that is designed to eliminate these typical pressure fluctuations.  We install a submersible pump in your well which sends a signal to a controller that regulates the speed of the motor and a small pressure tank.  Instead of your pump constantly turning on and off, it will constantly maintain a steady pressure whether your water demand increases or decreases.

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