Expert Well Water Services in East Haven, CT

Let Greco & Haines be your trusted well water company in East Haven, CT! We’ve proudly served well owners all across the state of Connecticut since 1963. We’d love to provide you with the same outstanding, time-tested level of service that our customers rely on year after year. Whether you need a brand new well installed, an existing one inspected or repaired, or any issue with the quality of your well water tackled, you’re in good hands with Greco & Haines.

We offer East Haven, CT customers a comprehensive suite of well services, including:

  • Well installation, repair, and upgrades
  • Well system inspections
  • Water quality testing
  • Full home water filter installation
  • Constant water pressure systems
  • Backed by a speedy fleet of 14 service trucks, a rack truck, and three boom/winch trucks, we’re here for you seven days a week, 365 days a year!

Well System Installation, Upgrades, and Well Water Pump Repair in East Haven, CT

Looking to add a well to your property? Look no further than Greco & Haines. We provide expert installation and the highest-quality well water pumps, tanks, and other equipment to ensure you have a reliable supply of domestic water. Our team can gauge the specifics of your site, from the geology and topographic layout of your home to your energy supply and household demand, to recommend the very best well set-up to meet your needs. If you already have a private well and are facing well pump issues, we’ll be on the case quickly zeroing in on what’s going on and delivering an expert repair.

Greco & Haines also offers well water system upgrades to swap out old-fashioned jet pumps with quieter, longer-lasting submersible pumps that can yield significant improvements to its performance without the price tag of a full overhaul. And we can provide backup manual well pumps in case of a power outage, too!

Full Home Water Filtration Systems and Constant Water Pressure Systems

If your well water has a sour taste or bad odor, fails to work up satisfactory suds in the sink, or leaves unsightly stains on fixtures or clothing, Greco & Haines can help! We solve a wide range of well water issues with our full home water filtration systems and softeners from excessively hard or acidic water to cloudy ice cubes.

Our UV reverse-osmosis filters and water softeners can drastically improve the appearance, flavor, and quality of the water coming out of your taps, and prevent corrosion and bathtub rings. Meanwhile, if you’re reliably struggling with low water pressure in your house, we can provide you with on-demand, “city-like” performance thanks to a state-of-the-art constant water pressure system that incorporates a controller-operated submersible pump.

Well System Inspections and Water Quality Testing in East Haven, CT

The most important steps you can take as a private well owner when it comes to ensuring a steady supply of well water for the long haul is having your well system regularly inspected. Our Greco & Haines well system evaluations make sure everything’s in tip-top shape and pinpoint any little issues from a malfunctioning switch, a compromised pressure tank bladder, and well pump bearings that should be addressed before they grow into more significant problems.

Along with well yield tests and other components of our system checkups, we can also provide comprehensive water-quality testing. This is another important part of well ownership that should be pursued at least once a year, if not more frequently. From bacteria to chemical contaminants, we’ll screen your drinking water to make sure it’s safe.

Always There For You at Greco & Haines: Seven Days a Week, 365 Days a Year

Here at Greco & Haines, we provide all of the above well water services for customers in East Haven and across Connecticut seven days a week, 365 days a year. In other words, anytime you need us, we’re here for you. And unlike other companies, we don’t charge extra for holiday or weekend services!

Turn to Greco & Haines for the Best Well Water Service in East Haven, CT

Whether you want to learn how to landscape around a wellhead, you’d like your property evaluated for a new well installation, an existing well system inspected, or a repair job done right the first time, reach out to the friendly crew here at Greco & Haines! You’ll have the advantage of our many decades of experience, our top-quality equipment, and our unbeatable standard of workmanship and customer service.

Contact us today via our online contact form or call any time! 203-735-9308 or 203-777-2256 or Call Toll Free from any CT Area Code 1-800-922-2958. We can’t wait to serve you, as we’ve served customers across Connecticut for more than 50 years!