Well Water Service and Repair Company in Seymour, CT

Whether you need an emergency well pump repair, annual water-quality testing, or new well installation, look no further than Greco & Haines as your go-to well water company in Seymour, CT. With more than half of a century of experience and a speedy, well-equipped fleet serving all of Connecticut, we’re here to help seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Our Greco & Haines services include:

  • New well system installations
  • Well repairs and upgrades
  • Well inspections and water-quality tests
  • Full-home/point-of-entry water filtration systems
  • Constant water pressure systems

Whatever you need regarding your well water needs in Seymour, CT, simply pick up the phone and give us a ring at 203-735-9308, 203-777-2256, or (toll-free from any Connecticut area code) 1-800-922-2958. You can also get in touch via our website!

Professional Well Installations, Upgrades, and Well Water Pump Repair in Seymour, CT

From installation to repair work, the Greco & Haines team has your back when it comes to any and all well needs in Seymour, CT. If you’d like to add a well to your property, we can assess the site, your household water needs and energy supply, and any other fundamental factors. With this information, we can recommend the perfect location, size, and type of well for you. If you already have a well system in place, we can enhance its performance or extend its lifespan by providing specific upgrades. These are very cost-effective in the long run compared to retiring outmoded jet pumps or water tanks for newer models. We can also carry out any necessary repairs to get a failing or inoperable well system back up and running. We carry only the best products and have the capacity to work on any setup. Meanwhile, if you’ve had bad luck during a Connecticut power outage, we can prepare you for the next storm by providing a state-of-the-art manual pump to serve as backup.

Seymour, CT Full Home Water Filtration & Constant Pressure Systems

The right combination of modern point-of-entry water filtration systems can remedy all sorts of problems. Some of the issues you may be experiencing vary from bathtub rings and laundry stains to pipe corrosion and cloudy ice cubes. If you’ve got well water that tastes or smells bad, or if you struggle to work up suds, we’ve got a filter/softener solution for that. We can also help fix water pressure issues with a cutting-edge constant pressure system. This technology utilizes a submersible pump and a controller that can adjust motor speed on-demand. As a result, it has the ability to deliver “city-like” water pressure even with multiple households using water at once.

Well System Checkups & Water Quality Testing in Seymour, CT From Greco & Haines

At least once a year, you should have your Seymour, CT well system thoroughly inspected to make sure everything works. An annual well checkup from Greco & Haines can identify any potential problems that would intensify if left unaddressed. It’s important to find and repair issues before they grow to prevent a broken-down system, a major repair, or a replacement. Through visual evaluations, flow tests, and other means, we make sure that everything from the well pump to the pressure switch functions as it should. 

You should have your well water tested at least once a year. If you notice changes to your water, have work done on your property, or experience flooding in the vicinity, we recommend testing the water more frequently. From basic mineral and chemical profiles to screening for microbes and contaminants, we can give you the peace of mind knowing that your drinking water is safe — or pinpoint an area of concern and figure out how to correct it.

Expert Seven Days a Week, 365 Days a Year Well Service From Greco & Haines

We never leave you hanging here at Greco & Haines: Our comprehensive, top-quality well water services are yours to enjoy every day of the year. Sometimes well issues happen on weekends or holidays. If they do — or if your crammed schedule makes it hard to arrange inspections or other routine services on typical business days — we’re here for you. The other piece of good news? We don’t charge extra for holiday or weekend well water service!

Greco & Haines: Your Trusted Seymour, CT Well Water Company

From yearly water quality testing to a cracked wellhead or troublesome well pump issues, reach out to Greco & Haines for all of your Seymour, CT well water needs. If you can get in touch through our online contact form, we’ll follow up with you by the next business day. We’re also available by phone at 203-735-9308, 203-777-2256, or (toll-free from CT any area code) 1-800-922-2958. 

We look forward to showing you how skillful, trustworthy, and satisfying the right kind of professional well service can be!