Well Water Company Bridgeport, CT

If you need well water service in Bridgeport, CT – from brand-new installations to annual well maintenance and water quality testing – look no further than Greco & Haines, serving well owners all across Connecticut for some 60 years.

Our comprehensive services run the gamut, including:

  • Installing new wells
  • Repairing and upgrading existing well systems
  • Full-home water filter installation
  • Well water pump installation
  • Constant pressure systems
  • Water quality testing
  • Annual well inspections and maintenance

These Greco & Haines well water services are available seven days a week, 365 days a year. Well services from Greco & Haines are always up to par with your standards, guaranteed. We don’t charge extra for holiday or weekend well water service, either! You can contact the team on our website or by calling 203-735-9308, 203-777-2256, or toll-free from any CT area code 1-800-922-2958.

If you’re intrigued by what we offer, here are more details on what will (hopefully) become your go-to well water company in Bridgeport, CT.

Bridgeport, CT Well System Installations, Repairs, and Upgrades

If you’d like a well installed on your Bridgeport, CT property, touch base with the highly experienced Greco & Haines team. We can evaluate your site, needs, and other factors to recommend the best type, setup, and location for a private well.

If you already have a well and are experiencing well pump problems or other issues, we’re here to help. Our team can quickly diagnose any issue and execute the needed repair or replacement to get your well system back up and running properly. Many of our customers save money in the long haul as recipients of targeted upgrades from Greco & Haines, such as replacing old-fashioned jet pumps with more efficient, lower-maintenance submersible pumps.

We also offer super-handy associated equipment, such as manual hand pumps, which can be lifesavers in the event of a power outage that knocks out your electric well pump.

Full-Home Water Filter Installation in Bridgeport, CT

If your well water has a bad taste/tastes bad, you may need to update your filtration system. From hard or acidic water to undesirable microbes and excess sediments, well water can suffer from various quality problems. Here at Greco & Haines, we can help remedy issues such as cloudy ice cubes, sediment in your well water, limescale buildup, and the like with state-of-the-art point-of-entry water filtration systems and water softeners.

Our reliable filters include reverse-osmosis, ultraviolet, and other designs, including multimedia filter setups. Suppose your household suffers from poor or unreliable water pressure. In that case, we can also come to the rescue with our constant pressure systems, incorporating a submersible pump and a controller that regulates motor speed based on demand. The result is often described as “city-like” water pressure, which customers appreciate!

Well System Checkups and Water Quality Testing in Bridgeport, CT

To ensure your well system is performing as desired – and to head off potentially disruptive or expensive repairs or replacement work down the line – it’s essential to have it professionally inspected. Turn to Greco & Haines for trustworthy well inspections and upkeep.

For example, it’s a good idea to have an annual well inspection ahead of wintertime, with its particular rigors on pipes and pumps and the added challenge of conducting well repair work that time of year. Similarly, having your well water quality tested at least once a year – and possibly more frequently, especially if you’re noticing changes to the appearance, odor, or flavor of your drinking water or have had significant landscaping work done or experienced flooding recently – is critically important.

At Greco & Haines, we offer different water-quality tests, including mineral and chemical composition assessments and screenings for specific contaminants.

Well System Service and Well Water Pump Repair Bridgeport, CT

At Greco & Haines, we’re here to assist you with your well system needs in Bridgeport, CT, every day of the week and every day of the year. As mentioned, we charge the same rates for holiday and weekend well water service as for normal business-day work. Whenever you need assistance with your well system, in other words, you can rest assured Greco & Haines will provide prompt and timely service.

Look to Greco & Haines for the Best in Well Water Service in Bridgeport, CT

Are you trying to figure out how to fix low water pressure in your house or contending with no water pressure from your well at all? Notice a damaged wellhead? Tired of a noisy, constantly cycling jet pump? Grappling with sediment in well water or cloudy water in home water resources? Are you trying to tell if your well is dry or wondering how to replace a well pump? For all of these issues and anything else regarding well water, you can’t beat Greco & Haines for the very finest in service.

We’re proud of our reputation, built up over a half-century of dedicated service to well customers across Connecticut. Find out for yourself why we’re such a trusted well company!

Greco & Haines offer service 365 days a year – with no extra charge for weekends and holidays! For more information about our well water services in CT, contact us today via our online contact form or call any time! 203-735-9308 or 203-777-2256 or Call Toll-Free from any CT Area Code 1-800-922-2958