Well Water Pumps

How do you know if you need a new water pump , a new water tank, a minor repair/adjustment or to upgrade your well water system? Well you won’t, but we will! Call our team to come check it out.

Every well water system is different. Greco & Haines will evaluate your existing well, understand your needs and concerns, then provide a no cost, no obligation estimate to meet those goals within your budget. We are here to offer you the most affordable, sound advice, not sell you products or services you may not need. Sometimes, by replacing outmoded components of your old system, you can achieve optimal result for about half the price of a brand new system.

Upgrading Your Water System

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  • If your water well is like the BEFORE drawing, with an old style tank and/or a pit housing, the well head below the surface, call us about an upgrade that can be much more sanitary, efficient and in compliance with state and local codes. If you have a jet pump, we can replace it with a quiet & efficient submersible. Jet pump systems can lose prime when the well water is drawn down too far. Submersible pumps never need priming. Ask us about the additional benefits.

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  • Older tanks do not have air to water separation. When the air mixes with water or escapes, the tank waterlogs and pump runs constantly which can cause the pump to wear out or fail prematurely. We can install a diaphragm-style tank to assure you of a much longer pump life and eliminate water logging problems. The marketability, livability and value of your home are greatly improved.

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