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  • Do Cold Temperatures Affect Your Well?

    As winter bears down fast on New England, it’s now time to think about the effects of cold weather on your well system. The autumn season presents the perfect opportunity to have your well professionally inspected. It’s important to make sure everything is performing well before the season of sub zero chill and blizzards. But […]

  • Can the Summer Heat Affect My Well Water System?

    Heatwaves have been at the forefront of the news this summer. These scorching stretches put us to the test; in extreme cases, they can be detrimental to our health. The same principles apply to your well water system, so an evaluation by our team at Greco & Haines may be warranted. Here are some of […]

  • Spring Cleaning Checklist for Well Owners

    Spring is the ideal season to take a good look at your private well. As things thaw out and melt away, problems that developed over the winter or were simply harder to notice during the snowy season often reveal themselves. With that said, spring cleaning offers an excellent opportunity to take care of some of […]

  • How to Fight Summer Well Water Droughts

    Private well owners enjoy having full control over their water supply. But the production of their well is dependent, of course, on groundwater, and groundwater levels can fluctuate. They may fall due to heavy withdrawals, for example. Aquifers also rise and fall, seasonally and otherwise, based on the amount of natural input they receive from […]

  • water well at lake

    Water Leaking Into Well

    There’s not much more worrisome to a well owner than experiencing a leak somewhere in the system — stressful because of the potential damage the leaking water can cause, annoying because of reduced water pressure and performance, and anxiety-inducing from the prospect of the potential repair bill. Here at Greco & Haines, we can help […]

  • well system in snowy yard

    The Benefits of Getting Your Water Tested After Winter

    As a private well owner, you should have your water supply tested on an annual basis. Especially with winter almost behind us, now’s an excellent time to schedule some water-quality testing from Greco & Haines — a trusted and long-running well water company serving Derby, Shelton, Milford, and all over Connecticut. The onset of spring […]

  • well filtration system

    How to Choose the Right Water Filtration System for Your Home

    Every well owner wants high-quality water coming out of their taps, right? One fundamental way to achieve that is the right kind of water filtration, which happens to be among the many well system services we provide for customers across Connecticut here at Greco & Haines! Your area’s particular bedrock geology, aquifer chemistry, and other characteristics help […]