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  • Your Connecticut Well Maintenance Plan

    Your well is an investment in your home, and it should be treated as such. Performing annual well maintenance is the only way to ensure that your well is operating at its best. Here is a look at the well inspections, well water testing, and well water treatments that you should be completing—or hiring a […]

  • sediment in well water

    Sediment in CT Well Water: What You Need to Know

    One of the biggest threats to your Connecticut well water is sediment. While it may seem innocent enough, it can lead to damage to your well, well pump, water fixtures and water appliances. Here is what you need to know about sediment in well water. Sediment Explained Sediment is essentially any natural substance that breaks […]

  • well water hand pump connecticut

    Why Hand Pumps Can Be a Life Saver in CT Emergencies

    Hand pumps have been a way to retrieve well water for generations; yet, with updated electric pumps and in-home well water storage, many homeowners no longer use them. There’s just one problem: When the electricity goes out, you still need a way to access your well water. Today’s hand pumps provide a manual way to […]

  • Constant water pressure

    A Well Water Checklist for Connecticut Homeowners

    If you own a private well in Connecticut, you get the privilege of refreshing well water on demand; however, if you want to keep your well water system going strong and protect your investment, there are specific steps you should follow: When your Connecticut well is being constructed, a new pump is being installed, or […]

  • Arsenic in Connecticut Well Water

    New Study Shows It Is Imperative to Test for Arsenic in Well Water Recently, the National Cancer Institute released the results of a comprehensive study linking a higher occurrence of bladder cancer to the levels of arsenic found in well water. The New England area, including Connecticut, has a 20% higher rate of bladder cancer […]

  • Sodium and Chloride in Your Connecticut Well Water

    As you know, sodium and chloride are very common elements, and you probably use them every day in the form of table salt. However, just because these elements are commonplace, does not mean they are safe in high amounts. If your Connecticut well water contains more than 250 mg/L of chloride or 100 mg/L of […]

  • Connecticut wellhead - Greco and Haines

    Why Well Casing Extensions in Connecticut?

    Where is your well head located? Is it below the ground, level with the ground, or above the ground? If you answered anything besides above the ground, then you need a well casing extension. A well casing extension is a steel pipe, complete with a waterproof cap, that brings your well head above the surface. […]

  • Water Conservation Tips

    Water Conservation Tips Every Connecticut Private Well Owner Needs to Know As a well owner, you rely on Mother Nature for your water supply. When there’s ample rain, you most likely have ample water, and when there are long periods without precipitation, there’s a chance your well could run dry. Not only does this mean […]