Well Water Care for a Summer Home 

Summer’s officially here, but the heat in New England has been underway for some time. Many of us are finding relief – and soaking up the best of Connecticut’s summertime outdoors – at a summer home.

If your seasonal retreat draws from a well, there are some important steps to take when settling back in for the season to make sure the system’s running properly. Here at Greco & Haines, we offer a wide range of services to help on this front, bringing to the table unrivaled expertise. With more than a half-century in the well business, our well treatment company is the best in the business. 

From the experts in well maintenance, here are a few of the issues your summer home’s well system can experience. As always, if you are experiencing problems with your system, contact the best well inspectors CT has to offer.

The Challenge of a Summer Home’s Well System

Many summer homes have older or shallower wells, which may be more prone to problems. From age-degraded well equipment to contamination, shallow wells can experience a variety of issues.

But more broadly, the wells supplying summer homes don’t see as much use, and often, basic maintenance is neglected. Thus, these wells can under function – or entirely malfunction – compared to “full-time” wells associated with a more permanent residence.

What to Do When “Reactivating” a Well System at Your Summer Home

Well water that’s left standing for extended periods of time commonly develops an off-flavor or taste due to mineral buildup and chemical reactions. Therefore, it’s a good idea to clear out the system when you first arrive at your summer home. Open up the taps and let them run for five to 10 minutes to flush away stale and potentially contaminated water.

You should also test the well water quality at the start of the season. Water-quality testing can reveal any undesirable – and potentially unsafe – chemical, mineralogic, or bacterial loads in your supply. Here at Greco & Haines, we offer a variety of water-quality tests that can provide peace of mind all summer long.

It’s best to also have your entire well system evaluated by our professional well inspectors. An older or shallower seasonal well, or one that simply hasn’t been thoroughly inspected for some time, may have any number of issues. These problems could impair performance and, if left unaddressed, result in damage and replacement costs. If you’re noticing suboptimal well water pressure or other issues, a well inspection is advised.

Make sure you inspect and, if necessary, change the water filters at your summer home. If you’re dealing with microbial concentrations or hard water, a home water filtration system and softeners can help!

Preparing Your Well for the End of the Summer Season

Just as important as caring for your well at the beginning of summer, prepare your system when you’re closing up your summer home for the year. Shut off the electricity to your water pump and close the valve. Drain your pipes to prevent leaks – including from frozen, burst plumbing – after turning off the water. All summer water systems should be expertly closed for the season by a licensed plumber.

Greico & Hanes, Inc. : The Best Well Water Services CT Has to Offer

Whether you need your summer home’s well inspected and water quality tested at the beginning of the season, or you run into an issue during vacation, reach out to Greco & Haines! We’re proud to be a leading well treatment company in the state, providing our customers with the same level of exceptional well maintenance, repair, and testing we’ve delivered since Day One (back in 1963).

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