Reliable Well Water Service & Water Quality Testing in Wilton, CT

If you’re seeking an experienced well water company in Wilton, CT, look no further than Greco & Haines! We have more than a half-century of experience serving well owners across the state of Connecticut. From installing new well systems to repairing or replacing existing ones, conducting routine maintenance and water-quality testing, and responding to well-related emergencies, our team can handle any problem you may be experiencing. Plus, our well-equipped fleet is available seven days a week and 365 days a year, so you can enjoy high-quality service whenever you need it.

Wilton, CT Well Water Pump Installation, Repair, & Replacement

Reach out to Greco & Haines for all of your well system installation, replacement, or repair needs, and you’ll be treated to the same top-notch service we’ve provided to our customers since 1964. Our team can assess any property to recommend the very best well water pump and filtration systems to meet your specifications. We can also upgrade outdated or declining well systems to boost efficiency and improve satisfaction. For example, replacing an old-fashioned jet pump with a top-of-the-line submersible model could be just the fix you need to enhance your well without necessitating the cost of a complete overhaul.

If you’re in need of well water pump repair in Wilton, CT, call us, and our expert technicians will identify and remedy the problem quickly. That way, you can get back to enjoying your home’s water supply as soon as possible. We’ll even provide you with a manual pump backup that can be used in the event of a power outage!

Full Home Water Filtration Systems & Constant Pressure Systems in Wilton, CT

From stained fixtures and clothing to cloudy, off-tasting water, a variety of problems can be addressed with water filter installation from Greco & Haines. Our multimedia filters, reverse-osmosis systems, and softeners can tackle issues like hard or acidic water and bacterial contamination, ensuring that you enjoy the highest quality water at all times.

If you’re dealing with cloudy water in your home, well water that has a bad taste, or any other frustrating issue, reach out to our team, and we’ll recommend an effective treatment. Meanwhile, if you aren’t satisfied with your home’s water pressure, we can install a constant pressure system that provides an on-demand, “city-like” flow from your well thanks to a submersible pump and control switch.

Wilton, CT Water System Check-Ups & Testing Services

Neglecting routine maintenance and small fixes in your well system can end up costing you down the road in the form of major breakdowns and complicated repairs. While there are several things you can keep an eye on yourself, it’s always best to have your system professionally inspected on an annual basis. Luckily, Greco & Haines is here to help! Our technicians have the tools and skills necessary to ensure your equipment is operating at peak performance.

In addition to assessments of your well setup, we also offer comprehensive water quality testing in Wilton, CT. This includes free evaluations of mineral content as well as more focused tests for microbial and chemical contaminants, heavy metals, radon, and more. We recommend having your water supply tested at least once per year, but more frequent screenings may be warranted if you suspect any contamination. For example, if you notice sediment in your well water, it’s crucial to call in a professional right away. Additionally, if you have an infant or pregnant woman in your household or have had any major work done on your property, you’ll need to schedule additional testing outside of your yearly analysis.

Seven Days a Week, 365 Days a Year Well Service

The Greco & Haines team understands that it can be difficult for busy homeowners to find time for well repairs, tests, and other services. Plus, breakdowns often occur out of the blue (and at the most inconvenient times). That’s why we offer well service seven days a week and 365 days a year. The best part? There’s no additional cost for holiday or weekend well water service!

Greco & Haines: The Best Well Water Service in Wilton, CT

Greco & Haines is proud to have served Connecticut well owners for more than half a century. Over the years, we’ve remained dedicated to delivering our expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and exceptional service every day of the week, 365 days a year.

If you’re looking to install a new well, repair or replace a current one, test your drinking water, or need any other assistance, our team is here to help! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our online contact form or by phone at (203) 735-9380, (203) 777-2256, or from any CT area code at 1-800-922-2958.