What You Need To Know About Springtime Contamination

Spring’s in the air — or, anyway, close to being in the air — here in Connecticut. For many of us, that’s a cause for celebration. After all, it’s mighty hard to resist the charm of stronger sunshine, balmier temperatures, and the all-around cheer of plant budding, flowering, and chiming birdsong. And, naturally, it’s nice to bid adieu to shoveling, cold snaps, ice storms, and all of that Old Man Winter business for another year.

Springtime comes with its own challenges, however, when it comes to your private well system. Among the common spring well water issues are contamination. Here at Greco & Haines, we can help you assess whether you’re dealing with well water contamination and provide the proper treatment (and, if necessary, repair work) to remedy the situation. Our expert team of well specialists is at your service seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Let’s cover some of the common well water contaminants you may be contending with as spring sets in, detail why they may be a factor this time of year, and outline how Greco & Haines can help you deal with them.

Spring Well Water Contamination

Contamination can be a problem in well systems any time of year, of course. But well water chemicals and other contaminants are often noticed in spring for a few major reasons.

For one, warmer weather may enhance the spread and infiltration of contaminants in soil, surface water, and groundwater. Rain-on-snow events, the melt-off of the seasonal snowpack, and heavy precipitation from spring storms may raise the water table or result in actual flooding. This can wash contaminants of all kinds from source points into local watersheds and potentially your well water.

Another contributing factor is the beating that well and plumbing systems sometimes take over a hard winter. From cracked pipes due to freeze-ups to a wellhead damaged by snow plowing, such wear and tear can expose your well system to contamination that becomes apparent as spring unfolds.

Common Well Water Contaminants

A contaminant is considered to be any substance in your well water that exceeds an acceptable level — or which really shouldn’t be in the water system in the first place.

Road salt in well water is sometimes a problem in springtime. The U.S. applies better than 20 million tons of salt to roadways and other paved surfaces each winter, and meltwater, runoff, and flooding can help spread it into soil and groundwater. That salt may end up infiltrating a compromised or poorly installed well, which can have a range of issues: From elevated dietary sodium to harmful effects on plants and increased corrosion.

Applications of fertilizer, herbicides, and other agricultural treatments in spring can — especially in combination with heavy rains and runoff — introduce various contaminants, including nitrates and synthetic organic compounds, into your well system. Both agricultural and industrial operations can also be a source of heavy metals, such as lead and arsenic, which can contaminate groundwater.

Spring hydrology, as well as seasonal biological patterns, may also result in microbial contamination. Not all bacteria in well water are harmful, but some types, such as E. coli, are definitely a cause for concern.

Well Water Testing & Treatment

Spring is an excellent time to have your well water tested because of potential damage incurred over wintertime and the increased threat of contamination this stretch of the calendar.

Here at Greco & Haines, we offer an array of water quality tests that can screen for specific contaminants. Treatment for contaminated well water can take many forms, from the installation of an appropriate point-of-entry or full-home water filtration system to repairing a cracked well cover, casing, or pipe.

The Greco & Haines team is here to help on all fronts — water quality testing, well water treatment, and any necessary repair or replacement work — when it comes to protecting your well water supply.

From checkups and tests to installations and emergency repairs, our services are available seven days a week and 365 days a year. Get in touch with the Greco & Haines team at 203-735-9308, 203-777-2256, or (toll-free from any CT area code) 1-800-922-2958, or use our online contact form.