Your Connecticut Well Maintenance Plan

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Your well is an investment in your home, and it should be treated as such. Performing annual well maintenance is the only way to ensure that your well is operating at its best. Here is a look at the well inspections, well water testing, and well water treatments that you should be completing—or hiring a professional to complete—every year.

Perform Thorough Well Inspections

You should be performing a visual inspection of your wellhead many times throughout the year, but you need to do at least one thorough well inspection annually. During the regular well inspections you should check the well casing, covering, and well cap to make sure there are no cracks or holes. The last thing you want is for contaminants to make their way into your well water. Additionally, every year you should consult a water well professional in Connecticut for a complete well system inspection. We will come out and test the entire well system, including the storage tank, pipes, pump, valves, and water flow to make sure everything is in working order and there is no damage that could lead to costly repairs.

Complete Well Water Testing

Since the EPA does not control the quality of your CT well water, it is up to you to make sure it remains clean. We strongly recommend annual well water testing to check for a variety of contaminants and to make sure your water is healthy for your family. We will check your well water for a fee, we check for chemical pollutants, bacteria, excess minerals, and other potentially dangerous substances that you will not be able to see or taste yourself. If someone in your home has a weakened immune system, you might want to get additional well water testing in Connecticut.

Well Water Treatment

If you use any well water treatments, then these also require regular maintenance. Our well water treatment options include water softening systems, water pressure systems, and water filtration, and each one has different annual requirements. If you are unsure what yours needs, an annual inspection and cleaning is always a good rule of thumb.

Annual well maintenance in Connecticut is important for several reasons: It helps us catch issues with your well before they become expensive problems, and it ensures your loved ones are always drinking pure water. To get an in-depth well inspection, have your well water tested, or to inquire about our well water treatments, contact us today. We would love to help you complete your well maintenance in a jiffy.