Bacteria in Water

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Waterborne microorganisms

Waterborne, disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi can live in your well water.  These microscopic organisms can cause a wide variety of sicknesses from Influenza and Dysentery to Salmonella and Tuberculosis.  Your well water should be laboratory tested for detection of bacteria.  City water uses Chlorine as a disinfectant.  Chlorine treatment is a high maintenance prospect to constantly insure proper dosage and contact time to effectively kill these organisms.

For homeowners, a better solution is an ULTRAVIOLET FILTER.  UltraViolet filters work by passing your well water through a small cylindrical filter with an interior ultraviolet light.  Ultraviolet light rays kill 99.9% of harmful organisms. With almost no maintenance on the part of the homeowner, you can rest assured these organisms are being properly eliminated.


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