My Ice Cubes are Cloudy

Reverse Osmosis filter systemIs Reverse Osmosis Right for You?

A Reverse Osmosis Filter (R.O.) is the ultimate filter for delicious, sparkling clear drinking water. Whether or not you have a filtration system for your well water, RO filters can add a final touch to water filtration. Conveniently installed under the cabinet of a tap of your choice, the RO filter technology produces high quality drinking water at a fast rate. The result is crystal clear water that looks, smells and tastes pure and simple.

RO Filter Advantages:
Sparkling Clear Drinking Water
Convenient – ready at your tap
√ Cost Effective – reduces the need for bottled water
Crystalline Ice – harder and clearer ice cubes
Better Tasting – coffee, tea, juice, soups and sauces
Spotless Glassware – rinsing your dishes for spotless results
Prolongs Life – increases the life of humidifiers and steam irons
Aquariums & Plants – Clean water for your aquarium and household plants.

So, How Does an RO Filter Work?

The RO Microline System Secret:

Osmosis is a natural, organic phenomenon, a process that occurs in nature on a continous basis.  Trees, plants and flower attain their nutrients by using osmosis to draw water from the soil.

The RO Filter uses the pressure from your tap to force water through a 4 step process:

1) In the Pre-Filtration phase, particles such as silt, rust, scale and chlorine are removed.

2) Water then travels to the operational center –  The Membrane.  Here, particles too small to be trapped by the Prefilter are removed.

3) After the Membrane, the RO water is routed to the Holding Tank.   Approximately 2 gallons of fresh clean water are stored here.  The auto shut off design constantly tells the system when it’s time to make more.

4) The final stage of filtration is the Carbon Filter.  This filter will reduce any remaining tastes or odors before reaching your glass.

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