Arsenic in Connecticut Well Water

New Study Shows It Is Imperative to Test for Arsenic in Well Water

Recently, the National Cancer Institute released the results of a comprehensive study linking a higher occurrence of bladder cancer to the levels of arsenic found in well water. The New England area, including Connecticut, has a 20% higher rate of bladder cancer than most other places in the country. The National Cancer Institute blames this on the amount of residents relying on private well water.

What Are the Details of the Study?

So why is well water to blame? As the study points out, well water does not have to meet the same regulations that municipal water systems are expected to maintain. It is up to the homeowner to monitor and treat their well water so that it remains pure. In fact, the rate of bladder cancer was almost directly related to the amount of private well water a person had consumed. The people who drank the most private well water were twice as likely to develop bladder cancer than those who drank the least. If dug wells were used (refers to wells that are less than 50 feet deep), this figure was even higher.

What Causes Arsenic in Well Water?

Most instances of arsenic in well water can be traced back to the use of arsenic-based pesticides in the 1920s to 1950s. These pesticides would make their way through the dirt into the ground water, and end up being consumed. As a result, many of the bladder cancer cases can be linked to this exposure. Today, the main way arsenic makes its way into well water in Connecticut is naturally occurring. The rocks deep within the earth release the toxin, where it gets into the ground water.

What Can I Do About Arsenic in Connecticut Well Water?

Even though the main cause of arsenic in well water is no longer a concern, it is always better to be safe than sorry. The first thing you must do is to get a thorough well water testing completed. We will come out to your home and take a sample of your well water, and we will have it tested for any amount of arsenic. If we find more than 10 micrograms per liter (the US Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory standard for municipalities), then we highly recommend you get one of our professionally installed water filters. Depending on what else your well water test results show, we will recommend the best water filter for your needs.


Our main goal is to keep your well water in Connecticut safe so that your family can stay healthy. To learn more about arsenic in well water, or to schedule your well water testing, contact us today.