Connecticut Well Water Testing Should Be Done Yearly

Since your family relies on your well water in CT to stay hydrated, it’s important that you do your part to make sure that the water stays pure. While you can rely on the taste and clarity of the water for some indication as to the quality of your well water in CT, the only reliable way to know for sure is with Connecticut well water testing—and it needs to be done once per year.

Why Well Water in CT Needs to Be Tested Annually

A lot can happen in a year, which is especially true when it comes to your water. Even though well water in CT is naturally filtered, Connecticut well water testing is the only way to know for sure that the water your family is drinking isn’t harming their health. As surface water makes its way from the ground to your well, it can come into contact with chemical pollutants and an excess amount of minerals that you simply won’t be able to see or taste. And since private wells are not regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), it’s your job to keep up with the quality of your well water in CT.

What Your Connecticut Well Water Testing Will Check For

When we perform our Connecticut well water testing service, we will check for an abundance of contaminants. Our well water analysis will evaluate the amount of minerals, such as the sodium and chloride, while our comprehensive Connecticut well water testing will also check for bacteria, radon, and other hazardous substances. While some well water in CT does surprise us, the most common potentially harmful substances found during Connecticut well water testing include:

  • Sodium and Chloride – It’s true that you consume sodium and chloride every day, so they may not seem like they would be harmful when found in your well water in CT. However, that is exactly the reason why they are, especially if anyone in your family deals with health issues like kidney disease, heart disease, or high blood pressure. If you consume too much sodium and chloride, it can have a negative impact on these conditions. Additionally, our Connecticut well water testing will make sure these minerals are not too plentiful because they can alter the taste of your water and cause corrosion to your plumbing.
  • Radon – Radon is another common substance found in well water in CT. It is an odorless, tasteless gas, and it has been shown to be harmful both when inhaled and when ingested. In fact, radon has been shown to greatly increase your risk of stomach cancer if you consume it long-term.

How Greco & Haines Can Help

The good news is that even if it turns out that your well water in CT contains these contaminants, we have several solutions to remove them—which is why annual Connecticut well water testing is so crucial. If you don’t know your water is tainted, you won’t know you need to treat it. Our treatment options include water filtration, water softeners, and more, so once we know the results of your Connecticut well water testing, we will let you know exactly how to get your water back to a purity level you can trust to keep your family healthy.

Contact us today to schedule your Connecticut well water testing and get the peace of mind that your family is drinking pure water.