Why Well Casing Extensions in Connecticut?

Where is your well head located? Is it below the ground, level with the ground, or above the ground? If you answered anything besides above the ground, then you need a well casing extension. A well casing extension is a steel pipe, complete with a waterproof cap, that brings your well head above the surface. It sticks up at least 12 inches from the ground, and is only a few inches in diameter. Well casing extensions are a must in Connecticut for many reasons:

To Comply with the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies

In the past, the equipment and construction methods used for wells required the well heads to be located below the surface. But now, it is clear that using well casing extensions on your Connecticut well is a must. So much so, that Section 19-13-B51f(e) of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies strongly recommends well casing extensions for all Connecticut wells. This is both for ease of use and for the safety of anyone working on your well. They stipulate that well casing extensions on Connecticut homes should be between 12-24 inches above ground.

To Keep Your Water Supply Clean

With underground well heads, your water is susceptible to all kinds of contamination. This includes everything from insects and vermin to storm drainage and accumulated surface water. With well casing extensions, your Connecticut water supply is potentially better protected from any outside contaminants getting in, keeping your water fresh and potable.

To Ensure Easy Access

Whether it is an emergency situation or not, you always want to be able to quickly locate your well. Since well casing extensions stick up at least a foot above the ground, you will be able to instantly find your well when necessary. Additionally, well casing extensions make the maintenance and inspection of your Connecticut well much easier because workers are not required to enter a confined space to access your well head.

As you can see, well casing extensions offer several benefits to improve the quality of your water and the ease of use of your Connecticut well. To add a well casing extension to your Connecticut well, contact Greco & Haines today.