The Benefits of Getting Your Water Tested After Winter

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As a private well owner, you should have your water supply tested on an annual basis. Especially with winter almost behind us, now’s an excellent time to schedule some water-quality testing from Greco & Haines — a trusted and long-running well water company serving Derby, Shelton, Milford, and all over Connecticut.

The onset of spring serves as a great reminder to check on your well water and, for that matter, to have your entire well system inspected to make sure it has stood up against the rigors of winter in fighting shape.

Potential Sources & Types of Well Water Contamination

Contaminants are defined as any substance or element that’s exceeded a safe or acceptable level in your water supply or shouldn’t be in there at all. For example, nitrates, converted in the body to nitrites, exist naturally in groundwater and are essential to life processes but become a problem at excessive levels. Agricultural fertilizers, livestock effluent, and human sewage are possible nitrate contamination sources, which may infiltrate groundwater and thereby well systems, or enter compromised wells via surface water.

Potentially harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites, or viruses are examples of biological contaminants. They may cause various health problems such as infections or gastrointestinal disorders. Microbes sometimes get into a well supply via leakage from underground waste storage tanks or infiltration from septic systems.

Heavy metals such as copper, arsenic, and lead can contaminate a well water supply from various sources, from natural minerals and plumbing leaching to municipal waste and industrial operations. These elements can be toxic when ingested in significant quantities and may cause damage to the liver, kidneys, and other organs, as well as cancer and anemia. Organ damage, not to mention the potential harm to nervous, circulatory, and reproductive systems, may also result from the intake of drinking water contaminated with organic chemicals. They may originate from any household through agricultural or industrial products.

The application of road salt in the winter can also lead to well-water contamination. High concentrations can be a problem for people on low-sodium diets and may negatively impact the flavor and appearance of your drinking water. Also, calcium chloride and other chloride additives in road salt can cause their problems: promoting lead and copper leaching from plumbing, resulting in an off-taste, and harming houseplants and gardens.

Benefits of Testing Your Well Water Supply After Winter

There are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to test your water on the heels of winter. To start, snowmelt runoff and seepage pose a potential avenue for contamination. So do heavy spring rains and floods. Another is that severe winter weather can damage well-system infrastructure. Pipes may crack from freezing or pressure from soil lurched by freeze-thaw cycles. Improper construction or installation, or simply aging equipment, may lead to cracked wellheads or well casing.

That kind of damage may or may not lead to dangerous contamination of your water supply, but it’s a problem no matter what. Water testing that shows an increase in one or another element, even if not at levels that threaten your health, can reveal damage to the system somewhere. Fortunately, you can count on replacement wellheads and speedy well water pump repair from Greco & Haines!

Water Quality Testing From Greco & Haines

Among our comprehensive well system services, we offer a whole battery of water-quality tests here at Greco & Haines. These include free analyses of your water’s mineral content to screenings for bacteria, radon, chemicals, and other contaminants.We can also test your pH, water hardness and iron for an additional fee.

We’ve been in the well installation and maintenance business since 1963, providing customers all over the state of Connecticut with the best well service around. You can trust us to have a state-certified lab perform top-quality water testing to ensure that your water supply is safe to drink and that you’re not dealing with damage or leaching somewhere in the system. It goes without saying that we’ll implement any necessary repairs or upgrades to the same high standard.

You can schedule water-quality testing and a well checkup by contacting the Greco & Haines team here at the website or by calling us at 203-735-9308, 203-777-2256, or Toll-Free from any Connecticut area code at 1-800-922-2958. We look forward to hearing from you!