Well Water System Check-Ups

Easily one of the most important things you can do as the owner of a private well is to have your well system professionally inspected each year and any time you suspect degradation of performance, a malfunction, or other issues. Annual checkups of your well water system are a fundamental way to stay on top of its functionality and to avoid small, easy-to-fix problems becoming bigger. Here at Greco & Haines, we have been providing well owners all across Connecticut with thorough well inspections and fundamental maintenance since 1963. We are the team you can trust us to assess your needs and carry out necessary upkeep for the long-term benefit of your water supply.

Why Regular Well System Checkups Are Important

Both from the standpoint of your health and your finances, regular well inspections are vital. The expert team at Greco & Haines can identify damaged parts of the system, such as a cracked casing, that may result in contamination of your water supply. We can reveal components in need of repair or replacement, such as worn-out pump bearings, that if left unattended to might magnify into bigger breakdowns or a seized-up pump motor. This can disrupt your water supply and also cost you more to address than what simple preventive maintenance would have. Overall, we can make sure that your well system is functioning at the maximum desirable level and confirm that your water supply is safe to use.

A well inspection will often identify inefficiencies in the system that can reduce its output, prematurely wear out components, and drain your wallet. For instance, a checkup may confirm that an old tank is regularly waterlogging and causing the well pump to excessively cycle on and off — or even run continuously — which can wear it out much more rapidly than it otherwise would. This is the sort of inefficiency that can be affordably corrected by replacing the tank with a newer, diaphragm-style model.

What a Well System Inspection Involves and What it Can Identify

A typical well inspection will involve:

  • Visual inspections of components such as the well cover and the pressure tank.
  • A flow test to gauge the system output.
  • A check of the water level before and during pumping.
  • Tests of the pressure switch and well pump motor.

A system checkup also includes various tests of the water supply to screen for contaminants and microbes and to evaluate its basic chemical and mineralogical composition. We recommend well water should be checked in this fashion at least once a year. This is to assess potential changes in your water supply such as a suddenly reduced output or abrupt murkiness and odd odors. If you have had work done on your property or a significant flood has occurred, it’s especially important to test your water supply to make sure it has not been contaminated.

Having a professional inspection of your well system done at least once a year will also give you a clear snapshot of its condition and performance. This will provide a better idea if you need a repair or full well water system upgrade. We address potential problem areas both large and small. Issues our team may come across include an insufficient grade from a wellhead, subtle leaks in the plumbing, a failing water pump, and undesirable levels of nitrates in your drinking water.

How to Schedule a Well Inspection Through Greco & Haines

For well water testing and well inspections in Woodbridge, Orange, Shelton and all across Connecticut, look no further than Greco & Haines. We have been providing well water services to well owners for more than 50 years. From new well installations to well water system repairs and upgrades, we always go above and beyond for our customers. Our team can supply you with manual hand pumps as essential backups after a power outage and enhance household wells with state-of-the-art water filters and softeners. We want to make sure that private well systems deliver at the most satisfactory level and that you’re avoiding costly repairs and potentially dangerous water-quality issues.

Don’t neglect basic well water maintenance and checkups. To schedule an inspection from Greco & Haines, visit our website and a member of our team will get in touch with you by the next business day. Have a more urgent request? Give us a call at 203-735-9308, 203-777-2256, or toll-free from any area code in Connecticut at 1-800-922-2958. We’re there for you whenever you need a well system checkup, seven days a week, 365 days a year!