Water Leaking Into Well

There’s not much more worrisome to a well owner than experiencing a leak somewhere in the system — stressful because of the potential damage the leaking water can cause, annoying because of reduced water pressure and performance, and anxiety-inducing from the prospect of the potential repair bill.

Here at Greco & Haines, we can help diagnose and remedy issues of water leaking into your well or from it. With more than a half-century of experience serving well owners all across Connecticut installing, repairing, and upgrading wells, well pumps, and water filters, plus performing inspections and testing water quality, we’ve really seen it all when it comes to well water leaks!

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Leak in a Well?

Consider all the places where a leak may develop and why it could be happening. A crack, poor fitting, or compromised connection may create a leak in a pipe between the well and your house or somewhere on the other side where the main supply pipe enters the home. It could also be a failed check valve, a hole in your pressure tank from corrosion, or a leaking well pump from a bad seal.

No matter the situation, it’s hard to generalize the cost to repair a well leak. In many cases, a repair may range anywhere from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars. For instance, in more severe cases, such as a well casing splitting open along a seam may lead to drilling a new well. So, if you’re worried there may be a leak in your well, reach out to the experts at Greco & Haines to get an estimate!

How Do You Know if Your Well Pump Is Leaking?

Leaks in your well system can range from very obvious to quite subtle. You may notice drips, jets, or puddles at specific components, such as a well pump leaking on one side or another, pooling around your storage tank, or a wellhead leaking. Water leaking around well casing or from a buried pipe may or may not result in surface pooling in your yard.

A well pump that’s cycling on and off with unusual frequency might indicate a leak, as can a jet pump losing its prime. A sputtering flow from your taps can reveal air in the plumbing drawn in at a leak source, such as a crack or poor connection along a pipe.

A leak somewhere might also manifest as reductions in water flow or the appearance of sediment or even debris in your water. Sometimes the contamination isn’t visible to the naked eye — certain microbial or chemical elements in your water could suggest a leak somewhere or indicate corrosion that may be close to opening a breach. This speaks to the value of water quality testing to get a heads-up on hidden leaks.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Well Cap?

If the ground is wet around the wellhead, you may be dealing with an overflowing well, perhaps caused by a shift in groundwater patterns or heavy rain or snowmelt. It often reveals a loose or poorly sealed well cap and can derive from a malfunctioning pump. Regardless, it’s an issue that warrants investigation because it suggests contamination could be occurring from surface drainage getting into your well!

Replacement well caps aren’t very expensive, so this can be a reasonably painless fix unless there’s an underlying problem.

Who Is Responsible For Fixing a Water Leak?

As the owner of a private well, it’s your responsibility to tackle a leak somewhere or other in the system. A well leaking water can lead to reduced output, extensive damage, and contamination of your water supply. And minor leaks, we might add, can quickly turn into big problems, so time’s of the essence when addressing them.

Well owners may tackle certain leak repairs themselves, such as tightening connections or even replacing pipes or hoses in the home. But a lot of well leak repairs must be left to the professionals. It’s also a bit risky to assume you’ve identified the main source of a leak and taken care of any ultimate cause of it; a small visible leak may only be the tip of the iceberg and remedying it can be little more than slapping on a band-aid.

Here at Greco & Haines, we’re proud to offer customers all across Connecticut the finest in well leak diagnosis and repairs. We offer these services seven days a week, 365 days a year, with no extra charges for weekend or holiday work.

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