Upgrade Your Well Pump–Now!

Connecticut residents know they better start preparing for winter early so they don’t have to deal later with the stress and aggravation that snow, ice and subzero temperatures inflict on heating and water systems. Wintertime woes involving malfunctioning water well pumps are among the most common issues plaguing Connecticut business and home owners during winter, with the majority of well pump problems attributed to lack of maintenance and necessary upgrades.

Benefits of a Well Pump Upgrade

Besides saving you money, time and, more importantly, stress over a broken well pump and lack of water, having a well pump upgrade performed any time of the year–but especially before winter–can provide you with water 24/7 and also an efficiently operating well pump.

Upgrading a jet pump to a more efficient and quieter submersible pump prevents loss of prime when well water is drawn from low depths. In addition, submersible pumps prevent pump cavitation and do not need priming like jet pumps do.

Well pumps that have not been maintained or upgraded for a while are likely to suffer motor lockup due to worn-out bearings and accumulation of corrosive elements. Neglected well pumps are so sensitive to Connecticut’s bone-chilling winters that many residents report water pressure problems even if temperatures are above freezing. Looking forward to a hot shower at the end of the day and watching your showerhead trickle with cold water when you turn on the faucet is no fun!

Connecticut well owners should also be aware that older tanks lack the ability to separate air and water. When air and water mix or air escapes, your tank becomes waterlogged and the well pump will cycle on and off and/or run constantly. Excessive running causes water pumps to deteriorate rapidly and cease operating prematurely.

To correct this problem Greco & Haines offers installation of diaphragm-style tanks that dramatically extends the life of your well pump while also eliminating issues with water-logging and water pressure.

Thinking About Upgrading a Well Pump By Yourself?

Three things typically happen to Connecticut well owners who go the DIY route:

  • They drop the pump into the well and end up calling us to retrieve it, and many times it cannot be retrieved (and replace the well pump as well)
  • They start to remove an old well pump and discover that they need pump pullers or the assistance of a crane truck due to coil piping and other pipe anomalies (they call us for that, too)
  • They injure their back, shoulders or neck because they don’t realize how heavy well pumps are and that thick deposits of manganese or iron can make them even heavier and extremely slippery.

Don’t Wait for the Inevitable Connecticut Blizzards and Frigid Temperatures Before You Upgrade Your Well Pump

Although snow has already arrived in Connecticut and your well pump seems to be working fine, mechanical failures may be rapidly progressing towards the point of no return as you are reading this. Call Connecticut’s well pump and water filtration experts Greco & Haines today to ensure your business or residence always has running water available when you need it.