The Most Common Well Water Issues in Spring

The days are getting longer, and the winter is in the rearview. Spring has just about arrived in Connecticut, and we’re all ready to embrace the season of flowers, sunshine, and warmth. However, this time of year has the potential to deliver some issues regarding your private well.

Fortunately, the experts at Greco & Haines are prepared to deal with these problems, so if you require well water services, you know who to reach out to. 

Now, let’s spring into some of the common issues well owners may run into this time of year. Discover the smart moves that will ensure the best performance for your home.

Common Well Problems & Issues in Spring

Some of the problems you may notice with your well system in the springtime specifically relate to the season. Other issues are simply more apparent this time of year. In this blog, we address both of these types of problems. If any of the following apply to your home or system, we recommend reaching out to a professional well water service team.

Road Salt Contamination

One of the most common ways to deal with snow in the winter is with road salt. In the United States, roadways, parking lots, and other surfaces are constantly salted for de-icing purposes. In fact, we use more than 20 million tons per year.

So, why does this matter? The winter and the snow are finally gone; however, salt doesn’t just melt and go away. As the spring rain sets in, salt seeps from piled-up snowbanks and the roads into groundwater systems.

Usually, the sodium chloride tends to dilute through this process. So, wells that are deep enough and situated away from major road-salt sources commonly don’t experience much of an issue with this kind of contamination. But if your residence is in an area that uses lots of road salt, it’s an issue worth being aware of. Besides the bad taste in your drinking water, road salt contamination can affect dietary sodium intake and the potential to harm plants or increase corrosion.

Agricultural Runoff

The melting snow and intense rainfall can also introduce agricultural contaminants into your well water supply. This is mainly true for improperly sited, improperly installed, or poorly maintained wells. But major spring floods may result in more widespread contamination.

If you’re unsure if your well is in shape to deal with agricultural runoff, you can connect with a well water company in Connecticut for a free evaluation.

Winter & Spring Damage

As snow and ice recede, damage to well system components incurred over the winter may become more apparent. For example, a subtle leak stemming from a pipe ruptured during that deep midwinter freeze may take some time to present itself. The same goes for a cracked or loose wellhead that’s been hidden away under the packed snow and frozen surface.

Construction or landscaping projects – even just simple everyday lawn maintenance – may also increase the likelihood of damage. As the days become longer and warmer, these obstacles often present themselves. If you need help understanding how to repair a well pump or replacing one entirely, reach out to a team of professionals.

Spring Well Inspections, Water Quality Testing, and Repairs

Well owners can utilize the weather conditions of spring as an opportunity to give their systems a thorough inspection. Spring is one of the best times of the year to check for mechanical damage, failing equipment, and any potential contamination.

There’s plenty you can keep an eye on as a well owner, but you also want to get your well professionally inspected at least once a year. In addition, your well water should be tested for quality on a similarly annual (or more frequent) basis.

Here at Greco & Haines, we offer well system inspections and water-quality testing. We can ensure that everything from wellheads, casings, and pipes to pressure switches, regulators, and connections are in top working order. Our water-quality tests can pinpoint dangerous levels of contaminants, pH imbalances, and a variety of other issues.

We’re also available to diagnose and remedy any and all potential well-repair issues, from a well water pump exhibiting declining performance to an all-out breakdown. 

If your home is in need, we provide state-of-the-art full-home well water pump and filtration systems that address many kinds of contaminants, from microbial life to specific chemicals.

Greco & Haines: Your Go-to Well Water Company in CT for Spring Well Checkups, Testing, and Repairs

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