Preparing Your CT Well Water for Emergencies and Disasters

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Whether it’s a hurricane, a thunderstorm, or something else, when disaster strikes, being prepared can be the difference between life and death. When you rely on your well as a water source, planning ahead and taking extra precautions is even more important. Here are the steps you need to follow in Connecticut to make sure your home or business is ready for the next storm.

Option 1: Have a Back-Up Power Source for Your Well Pump

Your CT well pump relies on electricity, so if the power is halted during a storm, so is your water supply. Keep a generator on hand so you can make sure you still have access to your well water in times of crisis. If you only want the well pump to have the back-up power, a small diesel or gas-powered generator should be sufficient, or you could get a full-size generator to provide electricity for your entire home.

Option 2: Install an Additional or Larger Storage Tank for Your Well Water

Another option to ensure you have access to your Connecticut well water during a disaster is to install an additional or larger storage tank. We can help you choose the right size storage tank for your needs, but, in general, a family of four needs at least 120 gallons of water per day just to have enough drinking water and to be able to flush toilets manually.

Option 3: Stock Up on Bottled Water

If a storm is rapidly approaching and you don’t have time to acquire a back-up power source or install a storage tank, you will want to purchase bottled water for your emergency water supply. Have at least three gallons available for every family member. Once the storm has passed, allow the tap water to run for a few minutes to clear out the system. If there is any odor, discoloration, or anything else out of the ordinary, make sure to test your well water before using it again.

Not Optional: Install Lightning Protection

Due to their submersion in water, CT well pumps are notorious for being the target of lightning energy. Well pump lightning protection is a must if you want to prevent your well from getting struck. In Connecticut, we usually use three layers of protection: one at the service panel, one at the pump control, and one at the wellhead. We will help you determine the proper lightning protection for your well.


As your trusted Connecticut well professional, we can help you get ready for the next disaster. Whether you need advice on a back-up power source, you want to add on a storage tank, or you need lightning protection, you can rely on the experts at Greco & Haines. Contact us now before it’s too late.