Why Hand Pumps Can Be a Life Saver in CT Emergencies

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Hand pumps have been a way to retrieve well water for generations; yet, with updated electric pumps and in-home well water storage, many homeowners no longer use them. There’s just one problem: When the electricity goes out, you still need a way to access your well water. Today’s hand pumps provide a manual way to retrieve you well water whether you have electricity or not.

hand pump for well in connecticutWhy Hand Pumps Matter in Connecticut

Many Connecticut homes rely on well water to thrive, but with the technology of submersible pumps that pump the water straight into a pressure tank in your basement, you probably haven’t thought much about what you would do if the power goes out. Since these systems operate on electricity, if you don’t have any, you are out of luck. However, if you also have a manual hand pump installed, it can serve as an ideal backup option.

Installing a Hand Pump

Most home water well systems in Connecticut have a six-inch well casing, which means there is plenty of room for you to still keep your submersible pump as a primary retrieval method, while still having space to install an above-ground hand pump. The in-well components of the hand pump are minimal, and the top portion connects right onto the well casing, in the place of the sanitary cap. The depth that hand pumps can reach varies between 200 feet and 350 feet depending on the model you choose. Even though hand pumps do require some physical labor, they give you simple access to your clean, potable well water even during a power outage.

we'll water hand pump connecticutUsing a Hand Pump

Today’s hand pumps are a big step up from the ones your grandparents and great-grandparents used to use. They are easier to pump and operate with better precision, so you get more water quicker. Most wells also feature freeze protection, so there is no need to prime the pump before you can get the well water to flow. Once you start pumping, you can expect to see well water emerge in a matter of seconds. Most hand pumps come with a standard hose fitting, so you can effortlessly attach a potable water hose (features a protective plastic lining inside) and deliver the water straight to your home.

If you want to make sure your family always has the well water they need no matter what Connecticut weather brings, a hand pump is a must. While your submersible pump will be your primary water retrieval method, if you have a hand pump installed, you can have the peace of mind that water will always be available. To learn more about our hand pumps, or to get a quote, contact Greco & Haines today.