Helpful Tips for You and Your Water System During a Power Outage

When there is the threat of a storm that may bring a power outage to your home, these helpful tips may better prepare you and make it a little less stressful to deal with.

Before the storm arrives make sure you fill your bath tub with water, you can also fill as many containers as possible. This will give you some water on hand that should only be used for flushing your toilets. You should also buy gallons of water for your consumption, 1-2 gallons per person in the household. Familiarize yourself with the main water shutoff and where it is located; you will need this if an outage occurs. Also locate the breaker panel and switch that runs your pump system. Have a flashlight handy in these areas. Make a check list of these tips.

When the power does go out, follow these steps to protect your well system as well as any water filtration you may have.

  1. Locate and turn off the breaker switch to your pump system, this will prevent an electrical surge when the power does come back on and protect your pump from electrical surge.
  2. Locate and turn off your main shutoff valve to the house so you don’t drain your tank down of water. This will prevent air in the lines when the power does come back on.
  3. Have a licensed electrician hook up the well water pump to the generator; done wrong, it will burn the pump out.
  4. Test all sump pumps before a storm. Run a hose into the pit so the sump pump cycles several times to be sure the pit and sump pump are clear and working.
  5. Unplug your filtration system, if any, and make note of the time you are doing this, so when you plug the system back in, do at the same time this will save you the step of resetting the timers.
  6. Shut the power off to your hot water tank (if you have an electric water heater)
  7. If you have an Ultraviolet light for bacteria disinfection and are worried that some bacteria may have gotten by your light, you should chlorinate your plumbing through the existing sediment filter. If you have no sediment filter call Greco & Haines for assistance, a service may be needed.

If you are unsure of any of these tips you should call and consult a professional from Greco and Haines, Inc.

Once the power is restored reverse tips 1,2,5,6. If you have any flooding in or around your well you should contact Greco and Haines, Inc. and have a water test sampling done for potability.