Well Water System Maintenance

Greco & Haines, Inc. annual (or more frequent- depending on the system) well water system maintenance checkups help save you money in the long run and ensure optimal well water system operation. Continue reading for more information on Greco & Haines well water system maintenance or click here to contact us now!

Are you due to have your well water system maintenance checkup?

Our goal is to keep water quality high, pump performance proper, and help you avoid major problems. Regular maintenance checkups provide so many benefits:

  • Helps produce lower overall well water system operating costs
  • Helps to reduce the chance of  a ‘No Well Water’ emergency
  • Helps to reduce the chance of  a pressure switch failure
  • Can help prolong the life of your well water pump
  • Helps ensure peak performance of all your well water equipment
  • Saves you money in the long run
  • Helps reduce the chance of  pinhole leaks in piping
  • Helps reduce the chance of  premature failure of storage tanks
  • And more!

Here are some items that need annual well water system maintenance:

UV Light Bulbs

Ultraviolet Light bulbs on your well water system should be replaced every year for continued bacterial disinfection. Some customers tell us “the bulbs are not burned out yet,” but the fact is that these bulbs (like many other kinds) gradually get dimmer and dimmer until the unit can no longer remove bacteria.

Pump Amperage and Tank Pressure

Annual maintenance of your well pump and water storage tank assures that the pump is drawing the proper amperage and the pressure setting is properly adjusted for maximum performance. We check the air balance in the tank (or tanks) to be sure the pump is not short-cycling, and to be sure the maximum water pressure is being delivered to the faucets.

pH Level Check and/or Adjustment

The water treatment equipment in your home may use calcite that requires periodic replenishment to keep the pH level at neutral. When the pH level of the water gets too low it causes deterioration of piping and leads to many other costly problems. Without regular maintenance, well water equipment simply quits working properly.

Water Filtration and/or Softening Equipment

This equipment requires regular maintenance or it simply quits functioning properly.

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