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  • How Does Hard Water Affect Appliances?

    Hard well water can wreak havoc on your appliances (not to mention foul up your drinking water and ice cubes). This can make for frustrating inefficiency — and, needless to say, some major hits to your pocketbook. Here at Greco & Haines, we can help you tackle the issue of hard well water head-on. We’ve […]

  • Well Water and Natural Disasters (Fall)

    Here in New England, we’re exposed to quite the lineup of natural disasters: from epic snowstorms and floods to the terrifying winds and associated ravages of hurricanes and even the occasional tornado. Although these violent severe storms are uncommon compared to other parts of the country, they can and do happen. Homeowners must be concerned […]

  • Well Water Care for a Summer Home 

    Summer’s officially here, but the heat in New England has been underway for some time. Many of us are finding relief – and soaking up the best of Connecticut’s summertime outdoors – at a summer home. If your seasonal retreat draws from a well, there are some important steps to take when settling back in […]

  • How Do Fertilizers Affect Well Water (Spring)

    As spring ripens and summer looms on the horizon, it’s not only the season for beach getaways and family road trips. Many of us, of course, are also busy at work with lawn and garden care and, in some cases, the never-ending management of farmland.  This is the time of year when lots of fertilizers […]

  • How to Conserve Water During Summer Droughts

    Before you know it, the sun will be out late into the night, and temperatures will be in the 80s and 90s. Unfortunately, this also means there will be summer droughts and low water levels in your well. A well going dry is unnerving, but there are many ways you can minimize water usage to […]

  • The Most Common Well Water Issues in Spring

    The days are getting longer, and the winter is in the rearview. Spring has just about arrived in Connecticut, and we’re all ready to embrace the season of flowers, sunshine, and warmth. However, this time of year has the potential to deliver some issues regarding your private well. Fortunately, the experts at Greco & Haines […]

  • Six Tips To Fix Low Water Pressure in the Winter

    Low water pressure can be a problem any time of year for owners of a private well. However, wintertime brings a few tricky circumstances that may enhance the likelihood you’ll face this issue. Low water pressure is extremely annoying, but it can also indicate a pressing issue to be addressed within your plumbing system. In […]

  • Can You Drill a Water Well in Winter?

    With winter barreling down on us here in New England, many homeowners in Connecticut may be assuming the season to install a new well is over. It’ll have to wait until next spring or summer, right? In reality, winter can be the ideal time to drill a water well! Greco & Haines – offering trusted, […]