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  • proper well maintenance

    Proper Well Maintenance – Four Easy Steps to Follow

    It’s up to you, the well owner, to make sure your well system is in good working order and that it’s providing a clean and safe domestic water supply. Therefore, pursuing proper well maintenance and conducting regular system inspections and water quality testing rank among the most important actions you can take around the home. […]

  • Greco & Haines Well Water Contractors

    How to Choose a Well Water Company in CT

    Regular well water testing is essential to ensuring water quality and the continued integrity of your well water system. You can keep your basement dry with sump pumps and a reputable well service company that you know and can trust. When selecting a well water service, you want to connect with a well water company in Connecticut […]

  • Water Testing

    Do You Need To Test Your Well Water Quality?

    If you have a private well in Connecticut, you probably know how important regular well water testing is to make sure you and your family are drinking safe water. With accurate water testing results, you can gain invaluable insights into your water supply, so you can take the appropriate steps to remove any existing problems and […]

  • Types of Wells

    What Are the Three Types of Wells?

    Many people take having fresh, clean water for granted, but an effective well system deserves much of the credit. CT well water systems tend to take one of three different forms: drilled wells, driven wells, and dug wells. The following is an overview of these three important well types: 1. Drilled Wells Drilled wells are the most […]

  • well pumps ct

    Well Pumps Explained

    A CT well water system is pretty simple at first glance—it contains the well where the water is stored and a piping system to get the water into your home. But at the core of it all is the well pump. Here is a closer look what a well pump actually does, and the different […]